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Back in the late 90's, we were always on the search for the "perfect" stock stick. We wanted something lightweight, easy to handle, easy to make neutral when needed, and flexible. The majority of what we found on the market, however, were the traditional sorting sticks manufactured for working with cattle. While these sticks have their place, they were too heavy, too long and a little too awkward to work well for our training purposes. 

While spending a few days in Denver one January at the National Western, Kent decided to put together a couple of sticks for our own personal use. As the day wore on, more and more handlers came up and asked to borrow one of our sticks. They became a popular item throughout the weekend of trials. I think some of the handlers were purposely leaving their own sticks in the truck so they would have an excuse to borrow ours!

Over the next few months, we tested the sticks at our clinics, and trials. It wasn't long before we began receiving requests from students and fellow competitors, and then even complete strangers who contacted us after seeing one of our sticks at a clinic or trial. So, we started making a few and selling a few. To this day, we don't really think of it as a business but rather a service to the herding community. We still don't manufacture in bulk, and have never formally advertised our sticks. They are made in our shop/kennel at the ranch, when we are home between road trips. Due to our busy travel schedule, sometimes the wait for a stick can be a few weeks. Please inquire about current delivery time if you need it within a specific time frame. 

The sticks are 40" long, made of fiberglass rod encased in protective vinyl tubing, with a black handle and a vinyl tip on each end. The vinyl tubing protects the fiberglass from weathering and splintering over time. The weight of each stick is just six ounces.

The sticks can be personalized with a label inside the tubing with your choice of personalization. Your name, your dog's name, farm or ranch name, phone number, or even commemorating a special win or accomplishment. Two lines, limited to 20 spaces per line. The lines can read the same, or you can have different information on each line. 

Standard sticks are $40 each, personalized sticks are $50. Shipping/handling is $18. We now ship by USPS Ground Advantage instead of Priority, delivery times are basically about the same and tracking is still available. Please contact us for a quote for more than one stick per package to the same address. If you see us at an event, we usually have sticks on board the horse trailer.


Please email us at Include whether or not you want customization, and your mailing address. We don't have a formal order form that will fit everyone's needs. We do not mass produce, and cannot offer discounts for large orders. Questions? Please contact us. 

We take Apple Pay, Venmo, and PayPal. We can also send you an invoice you can pay with a credit/debit card through Square. Some payment methods are subject to a 4% service fee. Sorry, personal checks not accepted. 

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